Another first: bankrupted by the BMA?

Dear Supporters

Thank you for your continued interest. We’re still waiting for the decision in the Employment Appeal Tribunal vs Alder Hey.

But publicity has started to shake things up.

After 18 long months, we’ve had a decision in the case vs the BMA. They’ve been suing me for five years – for blowing the whistle to Dr Phil Hammond of Private Eye. They’ve trawled back and picked on the fact I didn’t dare out myself as a potential source when challenged in May 2012. They’ve turned this into a breach of contract and misrepresentation.

The BMA were embarrassed by the collapse of my 2012 case after my release of evidence to Dr Hammond, showing their members were behind the covert claims against Mr Ahmed’s mental health. As one of their lawyers put it, this “buggered” their plans for a deal where I’d have received between 15 and 36 months pay to walk away, but where the evidence of the Ahmed cover-up could, as I put it, be “gagged out of existence”. Publicly, the BMA says it opposes gagging, but privately one of the BMA’s senior lawyers responded that it’s a “common part of any settlement, not just WB [whistleblowing]”.

Elephants in the room
Elephants in the room

I’ve had to represent myself against the BMA’s QC and team of lawyers – so the BMA have known all along I didn’t have the money. Eventually, after wasting more funds, the BMA has won. I owe them £200K plus the same again in costs –  for following Dr Hammond’s advice to protect my anonymity when taking public interest concerns to him (the same advice given to Dr Steve Bolsin in Bristol).

The BMA decision is a concern for all of us. Going to the media is an essential democratic freedom. But doing so without persecution is increasingly hard to achieve. Law enshrines protections for journalists, so they’re not forced to identify sources.

But the BMA has hit on a worrying way to get around that protection – by going after the sources directly, by suing for breach of contract and misrepresentation if, when under contract, the sources dare not come out when first challenged.

Please visit here for more detail on the BMA case, and my initial response to the judgment. I’ll include the link to BMA decision once there’s a finalized version.

Thanks again for all your support.

Very best wishes

Dr Edwin Jesudason


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