Sinister stuff

On 27th November, the Supreme Court decided in favour of whistleblower, Ms Jhuti, and reported this “sinister” email by her boss at Royal Mail:

Royal Mail Group Ltd (Respondent) v Jhuti (Appellant) [2019] UKSC 55
If that’s the bar for “sinister”, what will the Court of Appeal make of this excerpt from my own case, where a surgeon seeks to (ab)use referral to the General Medical Council as the “chief weapon” against me?

Response to whistleblowing
Surgeon responds after Alder Hey (AHCH) hand him my whistleblowing disclosure

Alder Hey managers even considered using the same approach on Dr Phil Hammond, a member of the free press.

Many judges have read these threatening communications. But will we have to wait until the Supreme Court to have a judge condemn this misconduct as it deserves?

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